Top 5 useful apps for business travelers

It’s important to be prepared for a business trip because it might be an opportunity to network, meet new contacts and to learn new skills and to later apply them to your business. As you know, portable device and especially mobile phone usage is increasing day by day, as they are becoming powerful allies for the traveler. With this in mind, we show you the TOP 5 Apps to use on a business trip.

  1. Evernote Business: this app allows you to connect all your devices at the same time, so it’s possible to work from anywhere. It’s useful to take notes and keep them in their original format: personal notes, websites extracts, e-mail addresses, images, blogs, videos…It’s also possible to add images at any note by copying them (JPEG, PNG, GIF), audio (MP3) or documents (PDF, HTML, TXT). Evernote offers its own screenshot tool and the possibility to organize the notes by naming them using key words or topics.

  1. Invoice 2go: Real time invoices, in just minutes! This app allows you to create a client’s bill without a laptop or a computer, by using different types of pre-designed layouts. The options are: writing up bills, creating budgets or purchase orders. You start by filling out the form with necessary information such as the client name or products and, automatically, a full invoice is produced with subtotal, taxes, discounts and the total to pay. The bill can be exported as PDF, ready to send, or a document with a PayPal link, to make payment easier.

  1. Producteev: This app helps manage personal and team tasks. Each worker can create one or several private workspaces and, on each space, different people can work on it at the same time, coordinating together to achieve their tasks or goals. Organising workspaces is simple, just name them and (optional) include other aspects like date, priority, comments or type of tasks. It’s also possible to synchronize Producteev with Email accounts, so tasks can be created by sending messages with hashtags.

  1. CamScanner: This app sends scanned documents or images by exporting them in PDF or JPG. It works very easily: it starts by taking pictures of the document and choosing a filter (for example, a black and white one). The document can then be shared in different apps (WhatsApp, Telegram…), save it in a new phone note, send it by mail or Fax. It supports 16 languages, including English, Chinese and Japanese.

  1. Business Plan Premier: This app guides the user through the steps to prepare and organize his/her own business plan, to make a professional presentation to investors or interested people. First, it helps the user with the project summary, its structure, ideas and concepts. It defines the product-service characteristics, with its target and competence too. It’s possible to edit the result, print it, send it by mail or upload it to Dropbox.

Planning and organizing your tasks and company will be much easier for the Business traveler with the help of some of these TOP Apps!



Business travels tips: how to transform an exhaustive journey in a practical and enjoyable one.

These days, business travels (and travelers) are increasing due to how the world is globalizing and, as a consequence, how networking is gaining importance. Movements, flights, transfers… all what a travel means, may be exhausting for travelers, especially if they do it because of business. Below we are going to leave you some tips, to make your journey more pleasant and comfortable, and some factors you might need to know before arriving to your destination.

About Security.

  1. Be informed about the possible risks and necessary documents before starting the travel.
  2. Book your activities, hotel, and transport…through secure channels, normally recommended by the company you are flying with.
  3. Have on hand every booking information, medical insurance and contact phones, to use in case of emergency.
  4. Try not to drive after long-haul flights.
  5. Pay attention to your luggage at all times.
  6. Take the taxi always in the waiting post/line.
  7. Close the latch in your hotel room always.
  8. Once you have made your hotel check-in, we recommend leaving your passport at the hotel (safe box).
  9. Always use the hotel safe box, to keep your valuable personal belongings like laptop, jewelry, etc.
  10. Check who is knocking at the room door, if you’re not waiting for visits.
  11. Try not to carry more credit cards or cash than what you will need.
  12. In countries with politic instability, register your personal information at your embassy.
  13. It’s important to know how to block your credit cards or access to your personal information, in a remote way in the event of theft or loss.
  14. Check all the official information at the countries’ web pages, at least if your destination country is a high-risk one.

Remember, a happier employee is a more productive one: not all the journeys must be work; try to reconcile it with spare time activities: bleisure (business+leisure) is always an option. You won’t want to be remembered tired or grumpy by your possible contacts; always enjoy your free time!

About the flight.

  1. Try to travel without a lot of baggage: carry only what you’re going to use. Plan your daily outfit, think about each day, separately. If you’re going to do a demonstration, try to send your products to the hotel some time before.
  2. Use your time during the flight. There is not Internet on the plane, but you can write mails to send them later on, or work in pending projects. Don’t forget you can also start networking, looking for contacts, and have interesting and productive conversations.
  3. Fight with the jet lag: to struggle this type of time changes, try to plan a similar schedule, as the one you would have at your destination, at least one or two days before the journey. Carrying a mask and headphones may be beneficial. if you want to sleep.
  4. Organize yourself: use apps like Evernote to note that ideas you have at any time, and save them all in your dispositive.


Portugal, Leading Destination in 2017 by the World Travel Awards.

Last September, Portugal was one of the big winners at World’s Travel Awards’ Europe Gala Ceremony 2017. The country was voted Europe’s Leading Destination and Portugal’s Leading Conference Hotel 2017 among others. In addition, the Portuguese archipielago of Madeira obtained the Europe’s Leading Island Destination Award and El Algarve, located in South Portugal, was recognized as Europe’s Leading Beach Destination 2017.

The World Travel Awards recognize the winner countries with the hallmark of quality and also set the mark to which others countries will aspire in the future.

Spain received awards too, like the Europe’s Leading Meetings and Conference Centre 2017 (Barcelona), the Spain’s Leading MICE Hotel 2017 and the Spain’s Leading Business Hotel 2017.

On a night of high drama in host city St. Petersburg, Portugal was voted Europe’s Leading Destination with Turismo de Portugal, scooping the prize for Europe’s Leading Tourist Board.

The president and Founder of the World Travel Awards, Graham Cooke, declared it was an honor to visit Russia for the first time and he wanted to congratulate all the winners. Cooke also said that he was sure St. Petersburg is going to take “its rightful place as a top rank tourism destination”.

See all the Awards by clicking here.

Cititravel DMC Presented with Prestigious European Award for Merit in Work

The European Association of Economy and Competitiveness was created to promote, develop and recognise the mechanisms of companies that demonstrate excellence in business development and performance within a European framework.

The Association’s annual awards pick out high achievers across a number of fields including entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, magistrates and communication experts. This year Cititravel, organisers of corporate events in Spain and Portugal, joined their ranks as the proud recipient of the European Gold Medal for Merit in Work.

Companies that receive this award are recognised as a model to follow and a benchmark in their field. Factors taken into account are quality, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and business awareness – all of which Cititravel has displayed in abundance over more than three decades of offering clients the highest levels of service, always striving to exceed expectations.

The award ceremony took place at the NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding on 15 September 2017 attended by high ranking dignitaries from all over the continent. After having won multiple prizes on a national and international level in the world of corporate group travel, winning this award, Europe-wide and with all business sectors eligible, is especially satisfying for Cititravel DMC.